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Délices Métisses: preparations for flavoured cocktails

Délices Métisses suggests you some preparations for bottled cocktails. You can make your flavoured alcoholic drinks on your own.With our complicity, savour original flavoured rums, vodkas and wines with amazing tastes. Our mix of pre-dosed spices ensures you a quick maceration, for an unexpected taste. Made with fresh fruits and carefully chosen spices, each of our bottled preparations have a unique taste and invite you on a journey. Our original recipes and know-how were twice rewarded with the bronze medal during the Rhumfest Paris in 2007, and the Prize of the best product of the Paris fair in 2018!!

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Quality products with exotic flavours

The rum, spirituous and warm, is our first love! We have made 14 versions of flavoured rums, and we suggest you some unusual spiced recipes. From « L’exotique » (pineapple, cinnamon, banana) to the « Punché » (vanilla, cinnamon nutmeg and green lemon) through « Le Corsé » (ginger lemon): awaken all your senses and get ready for a perfect holiday in the spirit of taste.

We also made some flavoured vodka recipes, with sweetening flavours and bold notes: Pepper-barbapapa and Nougat-Tonka. Finally, our flavoured wines sweet and sensual at once will make you revive culinary delights! And because being greedy is the loveliest failing, we have developed an unusual range of delicatessen just for you.

A bottle of a cocktail mix

Here at Délices Métisses each and every bottle is crafted by hand with love and care.


We will be off work from the 23rd of december to the 3rd of january. Every order placed after the 15th of december will be processed in january 2023.


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