>>Advice for use :
1 - Pour 70cl of white rum into your bottle.
2 - Shake and wait 15 days (shake from time to time)
3 - Your arranged rum is ready!

>>Each bottle can be used 2 times.

To do this:
1- When there is a last quarter left in your bottle (Do not empty it completely to preserve the spices), add rum to the top of the bottle.
2 - Add a dose of cane sugar syrup (On 1 to 1,5 cm of height)
3- Wait again 15 days!


>>Can I pour a dark or amber rum in my preparation ?

In general, we advise to use your Délices Métisses preparations with a white rum. However, some flavors also go well with dark rum.

This is the case of :


- Vanilla lime

- Orange lemon passion

- Exotic

- Pepper pepper


And for the arranged Vodka, it is instantaneous !

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