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Our team is committed to providing the best of ourselves, each bottle is produced with the utmost care and passion for rum.

We could list all the benefits of our bottles and what working with us would bring you but more than our words, find the customer reviews here.


Some Reviews

Cedar Creek Apothecary


"Our customers love these bottles. We continue to sell them again and again. The company has also been excellent in providing spare parts and certainly takes great care with their products."


              Siara - ★★★★★

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"We are so impressed with this product! It makes a statement and is so sophisticated. Exactly the type of product we like to present. The speed of processing was incredible. The care and attention to packaging was very impressive. Each preparation arrived intact and even more beautiful than the product images."


               Nalisha - ★★★★★

The Lake Mercantile


"This range sells really well! It's a nice package, the ingredients are real, no additives or artificial sugars etc. Shipping was very fast and reasonable."


                 Katie - ★★★★★

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17220 Sainte-Soulle

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