How to transform my Délices Métisses mixed rum into a planter ?


1- A preparation for mixed rum Délices Métisses
2- Pour 70 ml of white rum at 40°C
3- Put 3 sticks of cinnamon
4- Pour 500 ml of passion fruit juice
5- Pour 500 ml of orange juice
6- Add a few fruits for decoration


How to make it: after having let your preparation macerate, add your fruit juice, your cinnamon stick, and some fruits 24 hours before serving.

Can I pour a dark or amber rum in my preparation?


Generally speaking, we recommend using your Délices Métisses preparations with white rum. However, some flavors also go well with dark rum.
It is the case of :
- Vanilla lime
- Orange lemon passion
- Exotic
- Pepper pepper

Have a good tasting!

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