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Meeting with Sophie OMs, manager of La Cave du Château, Esquelbecq (59), Hauts-de-France

La Cave du Château, located in Esquelbecq, is an inspiring place that hosts original and quality products, including recently the Délices Métisses products. Sophie OMS, manager, notes that all the flavors of the arranged rum preparations were quickly appreciated.

"Frankly, we were sold out right away in terms of all the references!"

You manage La Cave du Chateau, an old building that seems to offer many different products?


My husband and I opened La Cave du Château in 2018. We bought an old notary's house that had been uninhabited for six years. We restored it keeping all the charm of the old. We kept the living quarters and dedicated each room to a domain.


For example, one room is dedicated to wines and spirits, another is dedicated to decoration, another to regional delicatessen with beers. Another room is dedicated to teas and coffees. There is also the corridor where we install new and exotic products, original products.


Indeed, our niche is really to work with products that we can't find elsewhere. We put forward original products linked to a know-how. We like authenticity. The objective is to have products that we can't find in supermarkets or at the neighbor's.


You are "a concept-store" as it is indicated on your social networks.


Yes, there is a lot of research work upstream. We spend a lot of time finding nice brands. It happened to be wrong, some ideas did not attract. Overall, it works, we are happy.


Besides, Délices Métisses is a brand that has been a hit right away. The products are beautiful and the prices are attractive. Moreover, being able to make your own arranged rum is fun.


"Our niche is really to work with products that we can't find elsewhere.

Indeed, you are new customers of Délices Métisses, and already very loyal. The Délices Métisses brand allows you to give a very original gift. How did it go during the end of year celebrations for Délices Métisses, which products were the most sold ?


Honestly, we were sold out right away with all the references! We started with a small order in order to check the reaction of the customers at first. Everything was gone in a few days! So we renewed our orders.


Apparently, during this period, Délices Métisses were also victims of their success. They were nice and helped us out at the end of the year because we had a lot of requests, especially pre-orders. We were out of stock and it worked so well that customers pre-ordered products. We finally received products on December 23rd. Then, everything was sold out in two days.


You have also done a good communication on your networks, and you sell both the 3 liters, 1 liter and 50 cl ....


Exactly, all the formats work. All the flavors work too and all the bottles are nice. It smells artisanal and quality. We love it! We are currently waiting for an order that we will receive today or tomorrow for sure!


"It has worked so well that customers have been pre-ordering Délices Métisses products from us!"

How long have you been working with Délices Métisses precisely ?


Not long. We discovered them by chance and we have been working with them since November 2021 I think. We found them through a website where we can discover a lot of new brands. We tried and we were right.


Your place La Cave du Château is really beautiful, a lot of work had to be done for the layout.


It has evolved a lot since the opening. We are happy, there is really the charm of the old. We feel like in a house, you have to come to realize it. It's nice and cosy, there are lots of things to see


We have many references. Our strength is our research work, we constantly renew ourselves. Not to be copied is sometimes difficult. We spend a lot of time researching and sometimes our brands are copied afterwards. This is the disadvantage


You are in parallel in a beautiful city located in the Hauts-de-France, Esquelbecq.


Esquelbecq is a "heritage village" and a "book village", of which there are very few in France. It is a very cultural and lively village, also touristy thanks to its church which is opposite our building.


In Esquelbecq, there is also the Flemish castle which is sublime and which is permanently restored by its owner and a team of volunteers. It is true that we are on a very attractive place in the heart of Flanders. The book market takes place every month and there are a lot of tourists. Many specialists of old books are present. We have tourist sites that attract people from all over: England, Belgium, Lille... Our village is quite famous.


"Our strength is our research work, we constantly renew ourselves.


This summer, there will surely be customers, tourists, for Délices Métisses!


Absolutely. Unfortunately, there was an empty period because of the covid. Tourists from outside are coming back a little. They clearly come from beyond the Hauts-de-France.


I see, on the pictures of your communication, the flavors visible in your cellar this winter: passion wood, lemon melon pomegranate, sweet mint combawa, mango pineapple ... we could think that these are rather summer flavors, and it worked well, even in winter ...


They all worked, there was no one fragrance that stood out more than another. They all pleased, and on the contrary, the summer perfumes have an exotic side and therefore it warms up during the winter! It was not necessarily winter flavors like cinnamon for example...


The principle was really to discover a new product. We made an offer at the end of the year with a bottle of white rum in promotion, accompanied by a bottle of Délices Métisses. This idea was very popular!


La Cave du Château

13 Pl. Alphonse Bergerot, 59470 Esquelbecq

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